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    Falls at senior living facilities are a leading cause of accidents and hospitalizations according to the National Center for Health Statistics’ National Study of Long-Term Care Providers report.

    Curt’s interest in bringing these capabilities and values to senior living facilities is rooted in his desire to help people like his father.   His father suffered serious injuries in an accident at the age of 87 and needed assistance.  Curt started a quest to understand the furniture side of senior living more clearly and figure out ways to help his father and so many others.

    The accident had broken Curt’s father’s ankles. He had to use a walker and later a cane to get around.  Sitting and standing were very difficult.   He now lives at an assisted living facility where caregivers help him stand and stand.   Curt’s research revealed that many falls occurred while patients were trying to stand up or sit down.   Observing his father, Curt recognized the problem of finding a safe easily accessible place for him, and other seniors, to put their walker or cane when using a chair.

    Curt was inspired to tackle the problem and formed Function First Furniture Senior (F3 Senior).   He and a group of architects, engineers, and designers worked to develop a chair that would address the problems they had observed. The team worked over four years to design, test, modify, and perfect a chair that would help patients, like his father, avoid falling and assist care givers avoid injury from lifting patients.   The solution is the F3 Senior Lift Assist Chair.

    The F3 Senior Lift Assist Chair patented innovations integrate a non-electric, lever-and-spring lift-assist seat, with a 180° locking swivel and proprietary casters designed to disengage when the chair is in use.   The design is stylish but functional with a waterproof, stain proof covering over a lightweight but strong and durable frame.   All with a stylish look and design.

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